Mansion in 22th Floor

Location: Dongguan, China


The purpose of this luxury mansion is to create a distinguished, comfortable and cozy home through the combination of natural materials, such as the olive root wood and noble materials such as marble

This latest project by Masqliving is the perfect combination of two worlds, the FENGSHUI of the Oriental and the wisdom and tradition of the Western.

Exclusive mansion in the Cayman Islands


The exclusive mansion located in the Cayman Islands, the project was carried out together with the interior designer of the owner, adapting to the most demanding requirements.


A house in Monaco

Monaco is par excellence, a city with “glamor”, bathed by the Mediterranean, which demands elegance, but at the same time, luminosity. In this home we use lacquered furniture in white, reserving the color Oliva for the seriousness of the office.

Supreme justice court

We have the necessary means for exclusive and large-scale projects; with ceilings, ceilings, all kinds of furniture, upholstered with fur fabrics, and even lighting.

Conference table 120 people

The table of Meetings and / or Congresses has dimensions of 35.25×5.2×0.78 m being formed by 29 covers, 28 columns and 28 joint sets, developing an outer perimeter of 79,286 m and a capacity for 120 people with its pre-installation of audio Video. The total weight exceeds 5,200 kg and requires 844 screws for mounting. In its 1,658 pieces more than 8,000 drills have been made.

Grand hotel polyana

Realization of different interior spaces of one of the most exclusive hotels of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The reception, bars, restaurants and meeting rooms have been designed to create elegant and luxurious spaces according to the category of this hotel. For its creation, we have used some of the most sumptuous sheets of its catalog, accompaniments care of marquetry works that give each stay a luxurious and elegant character.

Private residence in bangladesh

Location: Bangladesh

Comprehensive project of a 2500 square meter private residence in Bangladesh. In the residence were installed lining and carvings, doors of passage and furniture of the German Collection in several finishes like lacquered with sizes in gold leaf, marquetry or olivato. Luxury and sophistication in every stay.

Home cooking

Location: Malaysia

Design, transport and assembly of a furnished kitchen in a private house in Malasya. A very nice project where the kitchen is given the importance it has.

Corte consitucional Gabon

Constitutional Court in Gabon

Location: Gabon

On December 30, 2014, the inauguration ceremony of the new Gabon Constitutional Court, one of the most emblematic and important buildings of the African country, was held in the city of Libreville, the port capital of Gabon and center of commerce in the Timber region in Africa.

bodega vestidor malasia

Winery and dressing house malaysia

Location: Malaysia
A cellar and a complete dressing room with all the necessary accessories to have all your clothes by hand and in an orderly way.